Ecological city simulator Block’Hood coming soon to Early Access

We have a special message for you from the Plethora Project and Devolver Digital to give you a sneak peak at Block’hood, a new vertical, ecological city simulator that will be available soon in Early Access.

Message from the Developer

Hello, my name is Jose Sanchez and I’m the creator of Block’hood. It is a pleasure to share this game with you as it has been the result of two years of work for a very small team of two architects turned game designers.The game is a vertical city simulator with emphasis in ecology and decay. As a player, you take control of a neighborhood and develop your community within limited space. The challenge is provided by the requirements of the blocks you create, forcing you to satisfy the need of resources.The mechanics of Block’hood are simple and intuitive, but with great depth, allowing players to truly design diverse neighborhoods within the engine. We believe that games like Block’hood can be used to design the cities of the future, having a close correlation with the real world and the issues we continue to face.We are launching the game as an Early Access title, as we hope to develop the game further in the following months, including more blocks, inhabitants, biomes and transactions between different plots.Still, the game is really fun to play at this point, so we hope to share the current build with the community and allow the feedback to help Block’hood improve over time.

Thanks for your time,
Best regards,

Jose Sanchez
Plethora Project

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