Era: Survival Kickstarter Fully Funded

The Era: Survival Kickstarter project for British game company Shades of Vengeance got 100% funded after only 4 days online. With 29 more days to go, we’re looking to get to the stretch goals, which include unique rewards and add-ons, such as shrink-wrapped Karma Cards tracking the unique Karma mechanic, custom tin boxes, cool Shades of Vengeance chrome memory cards and the opportunity to have artist Mikhail draw up portraits of your own characters! The first expansions, Aqua and The Swarm, are already planned, but what exactly makes Era: Survival more unique than other genre roleplaying games?

  • Era: Survival delves deeper into the impacts on society and psychology 100 years after a parasite has begun to wipe out humans and animals alike, killing and mutating them in horrible, unrecognisable ways. It’s firmly grounded in reality – there are no dimensional beings here – and the RPG presents not just one type of community, but many different ones.
  • The Infected aren’t zombies, even though game masters can certainly use them as such. Sure, they’re ravenous monsters, but the parasite causes mutations that make them far more unique.
  • The core rulebook includes no less than 14 different factions, giving players a wide variety of choices, each of them with their own ideologies and aspirations. Moreover, the first supplements detailing specific factions are already planned, allowing Game Masters and players to delve deeper into their own organization.
  • In Era: Survival, hopes of finding a cure have been long-abandoned. There is only one way to stave off contagion: Injection, a medicine distributed by the White Cross faction, but supplies are running low and entire turf wars are fought over the substance. This adds a lot of tension to the setting and players who like intrigue, politics and infighting are easily well-served by Game Masters who decide to focus on these aspects of the story.

The core rulebook includes all you need to play and uses the Era game rules, which are compatible with other Era games, including The Consortium (SF), Lyres (fantasy) and soon also The Empowered (superhero). This way, adventurous Game Masters can easily incorporate elements of one game into another. Want to use the Survival mutations in The Consortium? No problem! Haul Skills over from one RPG to another? Sure! Introduce aliens in Survival? Great! Or have an entire fantasy world succumb to Infection? Of course! Thanks to the ever-expanding Era multiverse, the possibilities are literally endless!

Please let your readers, viewers or listeners know about our Kickstarter project! Era: Survival review copies will be available to the press early April, so just send us a mail or give us a call to request your review copy now!

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