Everhart – Knights of the road’ update for the Heroes & Generals

Reto-Moto lets players of the popular WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals get behind the wheel of classic WWII trucks in the latest update ‘Everhart – Knights of the road’

Reto-Moto introduces new Infantry truck for all three factions in the WWII MMOFPS Heroes & Generals with the ‘Everhart – Knights of the road’ update.

  • The US faction’s truck is the CCKW Cargo Truck, also lovingly nicknamed ‘Jimmy’ or ‘Deuce and a half’ within the US Army
  • The German faction receives the classic Blitz Truck, of which more than 130.000 was produced until the German factory was bombed.
  • The Soviet faction will get to drive a GAZ AAA Cargo, a truck that the Soviet engineers based loosely on trucks purchased from the Americans in the early 1930s.

All the trucks have capacity for nine soldiers and a driver as well as two supply crates and enables the players to transport soldiers fast from one control point to the next.

“By adding trucks to Heroes & Generals we are looking to strengthen teamplay. You get access to trucks early on in player progression so even as a relative new player you become a valuable member of any squad,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto.

He also point to the tactical advantage of using trucks as decoys: “Since the vehicle to a great extent is covered by truck tarp the enemy will not know your numbers, which can give you a great advantage and the opportunity to bluff.”

Small updates have a great impact on gameplay experience

‘Everhart – Knights of the road’ update also includes a great number of tweaks and improvements to Heroes & Generals that individually might seem small – but they have a great impact on the overall feel of the game.

“Tweaks like these touch upon the central nervous system of Heroes & Generals affecting the things you do in the game all the time – like shoot guns. They help make the gameplay experience more smooth,” says Jacob Andersen.

Among the updates are tweaks to camera such as better spawn and kill cam and better camera transition and alignment when entering and leaving vehicles. As well as adjustments to recoil resulting in tightened gunplay for mounted and hand-held weapons.

‘Everhart – Knights of the road’ update also includes new camouflage uniforms for the Soviet Faction, that are called Palma Amoeba and come in the variants Fall, Mountain and Summer. The uniforms are available for Infantry, Recon and Paratrooper.

The full changelog for the ‘Everhart – Knights of the road’ update can be found here.

The Everhart update is named after american soldier Forrest Eugene Everhart, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for in 1944 leading his platoon in a defense against a counterattack by a numerically superior German force.


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