First ever showcase of SOEDESCO’s brand new IP and game AereA at EGX Rezzed

Publisher SOEDESCO will be present at EGX Rezzed with a first ever playable version of its freshly announced IP and game AereA; a music themed Action RPG in which music is both the player’s best friend and worst enemy.

8-Bit Armies
Besides AereA, SOEDESCO is showcasing fully integrated controller support for 8-Bit Armies for the first time. 8-Bit Armies is an RTS with an 8-Bit Voxel art-style and quick & easy to understand gameplay, made by Petroglyph Games, the team who brought us the Command & Conquer series.

World to the West
Upcoming Action Adventure game World to the West is also playable at the SOEDESCO EGX Rezzed stand and is accompanied by the game’s developers Rain Games. World to the West is a pulpy, cartoony, top down action adventure inspired by European adventure comics. The player takes control of four unique characters, each with their own motivations, skills and interweaving storylines.

EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic
Snowcastle Games will also be present at the stand with a playable version of Adventure RPG EARTHLOCK: Festival of Magic. EARTHLOCK is a Western take on the turn based JRPG genre. What starts as a simple quest for desert scavenger Amon, develops into a journey where several unlikely heroes join forces to save Umbra, a beautiful but harsh world that mysteriously stopped spinning thousands of cycles ago.

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