For The King, Hitman & many more to Utomik in June!

These and 22 other games are added to Utomik in June.
For The King

It’s dangerous to go alone! Put together a makeshift party and stop the chaos from spreading further throughout the kingdom in this challenging mix of tabletop game, RPG and roguelike.

Hitman (Codename 47, Silent Assassin & Contracts)

In the world of contract hits, there is only room for one man at the top: Agent 47. Sneak and kill your way through the roots of this iconic franchise with the first three games!

Redout: Enhanced Edition

Taking the best elements of F-Zero and WipeOut, Redout: Enhanced Edition builds on them to deliver the fastest, toughest, and most satisfying racing experience from the future!

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4

The LEGO series has the magic ability to put a smile on anybody’s face. Grab a player two and forget the real world while you venture through Hogwarts.

AER – Memories of Old

Embrace the power of a shapeshifter and be free like a bird! Soar from one floating island to the next on your pilgrimage to the Land of Gods and the secrets it holds.

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