FPS Bullet-hell MOTHERGUNSHIP Sets Coordinates for Summer 2018 Release

The fight against the data-hoarding machines of the MOTHERGUNSHIP fleet approaches. Enter into Joe Mirabello’s spiritual successor to Tower of Guns that mixes the FPS and bullet-hell genres in ways unique to his vision. As we near the release of MOTHERGUNSHIP, now scheduled for Summer 2018, we wanted to give you a quick and easy recap on what you might’ve missed in the last few months.

Gun Customization:

See that massive machine in the cover art? That’s the MOTHERGUNSHIP, and yeah, you’re supposed to fight it. Luckily, MOTHERGUNSHIP (the game) lets the player craft, create, and customize their very own gun monstrosities to fend off all the foes you’ll face along the way. The only boundary is making the barrel face forward. The rest is up to your creative will. Joe Mirabello wanted the process to be exploratory and “game breaking”. With different barrels, caps, and stock pieces, players customize the shape, output, and total energy consumption of the weapon. Want to make a 10-barreled flamethrower sniper that’s shaped like a box in your FOV? Yup, go for it. How about a gravity dipping grenade launcher that also has 3 shotgun barrel attachments? Totally! Oh yeah, you could also make something more manageable too.

We’ll have some exciting news to share soon about how players can try their hand at this before release. But, ummm, that’ll come soon šŸ˜‰

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