Fractured Space update introduces Custom Matches

Edge Case Games, developers of the team-based space combat game, Fractured Space , revealed that today’s eagerly anticipated game update introduces Custom Matches, one of the features most requested by the game’s community. The system has been designed for matches with friends, including both friendly encounters and clan training. It allows for everything from one-on-one games to full five-on-five matches.

A Steam Community Group, Fractured Fight Club , has been set up to facilitate challenges and the establishment of causal teams. Team leaders will decide the number of players and game mode before the game begins, and players can invite others to the lobby to quickly and easily fill out a match. During this process, ranks and Matchmaking Rating (MMR) will be fully visible to assist with balancing.

“Fractured Space is at its heart a team game, and Custom Matches will bring a number of important player benefits, from playing fun matches with friends to full-on clan training exercises,” said Sam Bennett, Community Director at Edge Case Games. “Thanks to our open development model, ECG is able to listen and adapt to features that are important to our community.”

Fractured Space is a team-based space combat game fought in gigantic capital ships with the intensity of a shooter and the big-picture-thinking of a strategy game.

Originally launched on Steam Early Access in November 2014 to critical and commercial success, Fractured Space has attracted over 500’000 players as the game continuously evolves using an open development model where the community is encouraged to talk directly to the development team, highly influencing the development of the final game.

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