G-Loader: Innovative upgrade allows quicker game access via browser

Gorillabox GmbH, a contractor for cloud streaming, is introducing an upgrade of the innovative streaming technology G-Loader. Furthermore, the new product G-Stream will be available from now on.

The upgrade allows users to stream client games (download games) directly via the browser, while the game is being fully installed in the background. Thanks to this optimization, users get the chance to dive immediately into the full game experience, without having to wait for the download, installation and patching of the game.

“Thanks to the immediate game-start we expect our client’s conversion rate to increase dramatically, as well as offering a greater user-experience”, says Jochen Quast, director for Marketing and Business Development.

Gorillabox extends product portfolio with new product G-Stream

Alongside the optimization of the G-Loader, the Gorillabox team has introduced G-Stream. This new product is based on G-Loader technology and allows numerous new application cases. Client games can be offered on browser gaming portals as well as on social media channels, such as Facebook, which allows for a far greater game quality than is expected from conventional browser games. Additionally, G-Stream provides developers the chance to create game demos without changing the game’s source code. This is an ideal solution for e.g. operators of game portals, who would like their users to have the opportunity to try out the games before fully downloading them. G-Stream also enables users to stream games on nearly any device in the future, making it also possible to play on mobile phones, tablets or smart-TVs.

Frederik Peter, CEO of Gorillabox, explains: “G-Stream opens up many new business areas for us as a cloud streaming contractor. It is the next big step for us to establish our technology on the market.”

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