Get Ready for the Jungle – Forge of Empires’ Guild Expeditions Released

InnoGames just announced the release of a new feature in the cross-platform title Forge of Empires: The Guild Expeditions. The new cooperative gameplay brings guild members together on a completely new jungle-themed map. InnoGames also released a new video in which game designers Thi and Kai explain the new feature.

Any player above the Iron Age can take part in the expeditions, which will be restarted every week. Players contribute to the new expedition goals by solving an individual expedition map. Once a guild has reached a certain level of expedition points, they earn guild power, which leads to more rewards and boosts for the whole guild. To finish an encounter on the expedition map, they can either fight or coming in the next update, negotiate. Depending on their own personal success, each individual player will also receive personal rewards. After solving the entire guild expedition map, a new difficulty level can be unlocked and new rewards will be available.

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