Get ready to learn how we made this massive large-scale overhaul of the in-game graphics in World of Warships

Today, Wargaming, developer and publisher of the world’s most popular free to play naval warfare game, World of Warships, has released details around their massive large-scale overhaul of the in-game graphics. In our video we will even tell you about tile texturing, the advantages of static surface models, inverse Fourier transform PBR, photogrammetry and other incredibly complicated tools of a game designer.

For the real captains among us, we will also take a peek into the fifth season of Ranked Battles with superships and the return of popular battle type ”Arm’s Race”.

World of Warships was released back in 2015. As the available technology has continued to evolve since the game’s launch, the game itself has also evolved with numerous updates and improvements. World of Warships prides itself on offering stunning visual displays of naval combat for gamers and military history enthusiasts across the world, and this update is set to make the game’s visuals bolder and better than ever before.

Firstly, the simulation of water on all maps has been completely changed. The new simulation system allows you to get waves of almost any shape and height and makes their dynamics realistic, with ships visually swaying on the waves. Some maps have also been updated with HD textures and animated objects. Vegetation has been improved and it looks more realistic on all maps. Besides the surface, changes have been made on the underwater world as well, which continue to be vastly improved as Submarines continue to roll out in the game.

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