Get ready to rock harder in ACE Team’s Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder

Back in 2011, a band of brothers (literally!) and their small development studio in Chile were hard at work on a genre-bending strategic tower defense game/physics smashing romp throughout periods of art history called Rock of Ages. The game went on to become the best-selling ATLUS digital title of all time, so naturally we were done with the series.

WAIT, NO! It was awesome, and after their other amazing digital games like Deadly Tower of Monsters, Abyss Odyssey, and Zeno Clash II, they are returning to the rock ‘n roll lifestyle of Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder. There’s a brand new story where the Greek God Atlas happened to misplace something pretty important to keeping the world going, so he’s looking for that while various rulers throughout periods of art history are getting in his way. Impressionism, Surrealism, Late Gothic, Renaissance, and more all are represented in the game, in amazing detail thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4!

But more importantly:

They’ve stepped up the smashy-buildy-smashy goodness with an enhanced competitive co-op mode! Two teams of two players can now go head to head as they strategically wallop each other with boulders while simultaneously building resources and defenses to eke out victory! And the tracks now intertwine, giving you a shot at knocking your opponent’s rocks off.

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