Hatred is back with a Free FPS Mod

Destructive Creations studio managed to build a large and dedicated community. One that gatheres both regular gamers and those with enough knowledge to modify the content originally delivered by developers. The result of one of the community members efforts is the FPS mod to the game, that’s starting today is available for everybody to try out for free.

Destructive Creations is a young game development studio from Gliwice, Poland. It was formed in 2014 on Jarosław Zieliński’s initiative and it aims to produce its own, independent projects. Destructive Creations’ members are very experienced developers who took part in various game projects in the past. The team grew up from 8 people in 2014 to 19 in 2016 dedicated to their passion.

Their first production was a widly acknowleged title – Hatred, which was released in june 2015. Today they are back with Hatred FPS mod that gives a fresh view on the game from a new player perspective. It’s made by the Hatred community member with a little help from the development team. Destructive Creations developers would like to to thank the author for his enormous effort and the whole community for their dedication to the game.

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