Headlander Pre-Orders Launch, Offering 10 to 20% discount

Players can now pre-order Headlander, the retro-futuristic side-scrolling action-adventure developed by Double Fine and published by Adult Swim Games, on both the PlayStation Store and Steam. Headlander is featured in the PLAY 2016 promotion at the PlayStation Store, offering a 10% PS Store coupon for players who buy at least two of the selected titles, while PS Plus members who pre-order will get 20% off; all pre-order customers will also receive an exclusive Headlander PlayStation theme. PC players can join in on the fun, too: Headlander can be pre-ordered now on Steam at 20% off the regular price of $19.99.

Find Headlander on PlayStation 4 
Pre-Order Headlander on Steam

Headlander launches July 26 on PlayStation 4 and Steam.


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