Hero Defense: Global Event & Summer Sale

Indie developer Happy Tuesday today announces a global ‘Bounty Hunt’ event for the full duration of the Steam Summer Sale. Starting today and culminating with a Razer sponsored raffle with prizes of $5,000 in value, the HERO DEFENSE community is tasked with around-the-clock global challenges, triggering rewards for all online players.

Highlights of the Bounty Hunt include ‘beat the devs’ matchups, a plethora of ingame rewards and Steam keys to unlock HERO DEFENSE for friends.

HERO DEFENSE launched on 31st of May with a single-player campaign featuring quirky characters and ‘on-the-nose’ narrative. The game also features a ’casual competitive’ Multiplayer, the impossibly challenging Endless Mode and the all-new Co-Op Mode. HERO DEFENSE is available with a 70% discount for 4,49 USD/EUR in Europe and North America during the Steam Summer Sale.

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