Hero Defense – Haunted Island now available

Berlin-based independent developer Happy Tuesday announces that their Action-RPG Towerdefense hit has been released on Steam and Humble Store. The game launches with a humorous campaign, highly competitive multiplayer mode, endless mode and the highly requested CoOp mode for unlimited creep-slaying action.

Hero Defense – Haunted Island is now available at Steam and the Humble Store for 14,99 USD.

About Hero Defense – Haunted Island:
Hero Defense – Haunted Island blows a fresh wind into the antiquated TD-Genre. The refreshing game-play flips the concept on its head by replacing good old towers with moveable, fully-outfitted heroes with their own set of skills, stats and abilities who can be repositioned at all times.

The fully voiced satiric single player campaign tells the story of Jack, the world’s famous vampire hunter, assembling his team of slayers – Barrows the Mage, Sam Hain the Pyromancer, Jane Doe the Assassin and Wylde the Lycan. Together the quirky entourage sets out to impale, slash, tear and burn through legions of undead hell-bent on world domination, ultimately defeating the villain Count Necrosis. Each of the party members have their own motivation and their own special means of attack as well as strengths and weaknesses against certain types of enemies. Players can further customize their heroes’ unique skilltrees and socket their weapons with powerful runes to maximize efficiency and designing their own play-style. Fourteen beautifully designed maps offer four difficulties and three optional challenges each.

Players who cannot get enough of the action will be happy to test their wits with a friend and jump into the highly requested CoOp-Mode where thy will fight side-by-side to defeat a never-ending assault of creeps while using their own builds, runes and strategies to rank within the world-wide team leaderboards.

A competitive multiplayer mode pits two players’ team of five heroes against each other for a fast-paced fight to defend one’s own barricade from undead-creeps. Each player must maneuver their heroes to optimal locations on the map to impede wave progression and acquire orbs for additional offensive capabilities. Whoever eliminates their wave of undead creeps first can strategically dismantle their opponent’s defense though wave-customizing Punishments, taking advantage of hero-specific skills and vulnerabilities. Players can also compete in ranked Multiplayer Season matches in pursuit of a weekly champion title.

Hero Defense – haunted Island went “The Steam Way” and rushed through Steam’s Greenlight in less than 80 hours heading into its four months on Steam’s Early Access program, where it received significant content updates weekly from developer Happy Tuesday, Hero Defense – Haunted Island maintains an overall Steam rating of “Very Positive”.

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