High Flying Shooter Sky Noon Hits 1.0 Launch

New Zealand-based indie game developer Lunar Rooster and Reverb Triple XP announced today that Sky Noon, the first person Smash-style shooter, has left Early Access and Version 1.0 is available now on Steam. In addition to all the air-powered weaponry and grappling hook madness, a new game mode called “Money Bags” has been added, as well as improvements to Duels and Time Trials.

To commemorate the full launch of the game, Sky Noon will available for the limited promotional price of $10.49 (30% off S.R.P.).

Sky Noon game features at launch include:

  • Weapons with a Big Blast: Make use of devices powered by super-compressed air to fling opponents off levels – knock them varmints straight to the moon!
  • Lassos, Grappling Hooks, and Jump Pads… Oh My!: Freely move throughout the floating levels by using quick-firing grappling hooks. Take advantage of jump pads for quick long leaps and lasso cowboys back to levels. Additional items like teleporters and air-powered jet boots can give a tactical advantage or help escape a close brush with death.
  • Online Multiplayer Mayhem: 2-8 players can jump into modes like Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and King of the Hill. Unique game modes to Sky Noon include:
    • Cart: Use weapons, abilities and even the lasso to move a minecart towards the opposing team’s base to score points.
    • Money Bags: Collect coins around the map to add to a player’s bank. Eliminate other players to steal their coins!
    • Duels: Got a score to settle with a hateful hombre? Or maybe a friendly face-off with a friendly kemosabe? Jump into Duels, a special one-on-one gunfight, and select one of the maps tailored for the mode to see who is the quickest and who falls the furthest.
  • Customizable Online Games: Personalize Sky Noon gunfights with over 50 different game server options. Pack more punch to melee attacks, remove random crates, turn on infinite ammo, increase spawn rates on all items, and much more.
  • The Floating Frontier: Choose seven distinct levels; from the cozy Saloon town, the heights and hovering blimps of Towers, or the tornado dangers of Whirlwind – gamers will discover that unique level mechanics can be used to their advantage.
  • Single Player Time Trials: Jump and swing through checkpoints in these time trials levels and compete for the top trial times. Time Trials have now been grouped into Leagues and completing a League will give players new grapple cosmetics!
  • Character Customization: Are you the good sheriff in the ten-gallon hat or the man wanted in every county? Customize your look and show ‘em who is Best in the West.
  • New Weapon Progression: Unlock up to eight new colors and styles for each of the air powered weapons, in addition to brand new unlockable models.

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