Ian’s Eyes – a game about a guide dog who has quite a terrible day at work

Trying to lead your owner through school becomes a huge and horrifying challenge when his schoolmates were turned into zombies! Sindie Games’ horror game will be released on Steam later this year, published by SOEDESCO Publishing.

For a moment you might think you will be playing as Ian, a blind boy, attending a regular school. However, not everything is as it seems… The game does take place in a school, that much is true, but you will be playing as Ian’s guide dog, North, and you will be leading your owner through a school that is everything but normal.

Instead of bringing Ian to his classes, it’s now your job to lead him and yourself to safety after his schoolmates have turned into zombies… Their glowing eyes might look disturbing, but the zombies will only follow the sounds North and Ian make. It’s up to you to decide wether sound or silence will help you sneak past them. Sometimes North can go ahead and clear the way for Ian, but you can’t leave the poor boy alone for too long: He might panic and die!

Ian’s Eyes eerie artstyle and the Blue Norholm School’s dark, secluded hallways will surely give you the chills. This horror story can be experienced in Q3 2016 via Steam.

Ian’s Eyes’ teaser shows you an unsuspecting Ian arriving at his new school…

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