Iceberg Interactive to release Headsnatchers into Steam Early Acces

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer IguanaBee are pleased to reveal that the first playable version of their title Headsnatchers, an outlandish lively multiplayer party game, will be available through Steam’s Early Access program on July 10th, 2018. Inspired by some of the wackiest Japanese gameshows, Headsnatchers enables players to snatch each other’s outlandishly, cartoony heads and use them to compete in a series of insane minigames. Ever wanted to try slam-dunking your buddie’s head in the basketball arena or flushing them down a giant toilet? Here’s your chance in Headsnatchers!

Gameplay modes include single-player zombie castle conquest, 4-player couch-mode local play (perfect for parties), as well as 4-player online multiplayer (for when you want to party from afar). There are tons of freaky heads for players to choose from, however, our comprehensive head-design tool allows players to concoct even crazier ones – the sky’s the limit!

Headsnatchers Early Access key features include:

• Online and Local Multiplayer mayhem, supporting up to 4 players
• Four game modes, 25+ unique levels of frantic fun
• Single-player Zombie mode, for when you want some me-time
• Customize your character by choosing from 100+ loony heads
• Create your own heads using the visual editor

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