Increased safety measures and stricter costume regulations at gamescom 2016

Costumes, yes – imitation weapons: no

Visitors are to leave bags and rucksacks at home

Due to the terrible incidents of the past weeks, the safety and preventions measures at gamescom 2016 have been adapted. The measures apply for all participants of gamescom: Exhibitors, visitors and media representatives. “As a trade fair organisation and organiser of gamescom it is our duty to organise the framework conditions for the trade fair participants as efficiently as possible and to satisfy the needs of our guests. In the present days, the need for safety is a major issue for all parties involved. It is our aim to meet this requirement by adapting the safety measures and at the same time limiting gamescom in all its facets as little as possible. We hope for the understanding and support of all participants of gamescom so that gamescom can also be a successful 360 degree event in 2016 that is full of entertainment and a fantastic joint experience for all participants”, said Gerald Böse, Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH.

In concrete terms increased safety measures and stricter costume regulations mean the following:

Visitors are to leave bags and rucksacks as well as item of all kinds that they don’t urgently need for their visit to gamescom at home in order to keep the waiting times down to a minimum. Since: Control measures, incl. bag checks, will be carried out at the entrances before admission to the fair grounds. The controls will take on variable forms, which will depend on the respective short-term consultations with the safety authorities. The visitors must therefore expect longer queuing times. The organisers are requesting that the visitors support these control measures by bringing no or little luggage with them to the fair. The safety controls start at 7:00 a.m. These measures already apply for the GDC Europe from 15 August onwards. Here too, controls will be carried out before admission to the GDC Europe at the Congress Centre East.

Stricter costumer regulations apply for cosplayers at this year’s gamescom. Basically, cosplayers are still welcome at gamescom. However, all imitation weapons or weapon-like elements on the costumes are not permiteed at gamescom 2016. Furthermore, the organisers kindly request that people refrain from wearing imitation weapons or weapon-like items in the city too in consideration for the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Cologne.

The background behind the tightening down on the costume regulations is to avoid frightening particularly children and families as well as other gamescom visitors, but also the inhabitants and guests of the city of Cologne by wearing authentically original costumes that in some cases contain imitation weapons and/or weapon-like items. All imitation weapons or weapon-like elements on costumes – regardless of the material and size – will otherwise be confiscated from the visitors before they are admitted to the grounds.

Exhibiting companies, who are planning so-called walking acts and campaigns, which involve imitation weapons or weapon-like items being worn or carried, have to register these in advance with the organisers. Imitation weapons or weapon-like items will be labelled in advance and are not allowed to leave the fair grounds from the moment of their labelling onwards, they have to be stored at the stands of the exhibitors throughout the entire duration of the fair. The walking act is not allowed to wear the costume until it has been labelled, i.e. it has to be put on in the exhibition halls. Registrations can be made in the SEC Head of Operations Office (Entrance North) from 8 to 15 August 2016 between 08:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., on 16 August between 08:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Non-registered campaigns and non-labelled imitation weapons/weapon-like items will be confiscated by the organisers.

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