Indievelopment announced their last speakers

Only one week until Indievelopment! Time to announce the last couple of speakers. Ard Jacobs, director and co-founder of Pillio Games. Adriaan de Jongh, a successful game designer selected for Forbes 30 under 30 list for his unique approach to games. Stephen Lindsay, head of business development at Ixty. Niels van der Leest and Rik Nieuwdorp, game audio designers and composers. Mata Haggis, a narrative game designer known for ‘Fragments of Him’. Marlies Barends, art director at Abbey Games and finally Alex Rose, price-winning game jammer and currently working on ‘Super Rude Bear Resurrection’.

Ard Jacobs is director and co-founder of Pillio games. He created Pillio, the huggable game controller that looks like a pillow. Over the past years, he developed this concept into an accessible gaming platform. In his talk, Ard will tell you about the hardships of developing hardware instead of software as an Independant developer.

Adriaan de Jongh is a game designer known for experimental games such as Bound and Fingle, which move people out of the normal space of videogames by challenging players to dance, hold hands and share physical interactions. His talk is about the dutch gaming community. Adriaan wants to create a bigger and stronger community. He’ll discuss what is so important about it and what the community he would like to exist is like.

Stephen Lindsay is head of business development at Ixty. Stephen will discuss a big problem within the mobile games industry: how can you balance In-App-Purchases of mobile games worldwide? He’ll talk about how to set and then continuously A/B test differing IAP prices across various countries in the world and how this can increase revenue.

Niels van der Leest and Rik Nieuwdorp are experienced game audio designers. Niels teaches game audio design and is a game audio composer.  Rik Nieuwdorp specialises in creating adaptive music, meaning the soundtrack will adjust itself to the events in the game. In their talk “Game audio for non audio folk” they will share their knowledge of game audio design and how you can improve the audio in your games.

Mata Haggis is a game and narrative designer known for PINE (Playable Interactive Narrative Experience) and ‘Fragments of Him’. His talk “Writing nothing: storytelling with unsaid words and unreliable narrators” is about telling a story in a game without the use of any words.

Marlies Barends is art director at Abbey Games. She worked on REUS and Abbey Games’ second title: Renowned Explorers: International Society. She will share her knowledge and experience in her talk “Artists get to the next level by thinking like a game designer”.

Alex Rose is a multi award-winning game jammer. He’s one of Develop’s 30 under 30 2016 and is currently working on “Super Rude Bear Resurrection”. He’ll be giving a talk on Indievelopment titled “Game Feel: Perfecting Platformer Physics”.

The complete schedule for the day can be found here:


It’s not too late to be able to see these speakers at Indievelopment! Tickets for the event are available at:

Student tickets are now €25,00. Regular tickets are €45,00 and include a lunch.

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