Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord DLC is coming to PC and consoles

1C announces that Codex Worlds will be adding new content to Infinium Strike. Named Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord, this first downloadable content (DLC) for the base game is to be released for PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) and consoles (PS4 and XONE) in 2017. Both games will also be presented at Gamescom this August.

With Infinium Strike: Broken Overlord players will again be taking command of the Freedom Strike’s weapon systems. Thrown into new deep space battles of a new mini-campaign, they will fight for hours not only to save the human race, but also to free the space beasts known as Bubba from their enslavement by the Wrog.

Intensively developing innovative battle technologies, both sides will now have access to new specialized ships. For Freedom Strike, the option to free the Bubba and close Wrog portals will become available. Painters in the dry docks will be working hard to dress the ship in war paint through new themes and decals.

About the DLC

The Wrog are a threat to many civilizations and life forms across the universe. And while humans are in danger of being wiped out, other creatures may prove useful for the Wrog campaign of death and destruction. Such is the case of the Bubba – a species of deadly space beasts that the Wrog managed to enslave using mind controlling devices. The Bubba have become an effective part in the plan to annihilate humankind.

But now we know how to set the enslaved Bubba free. Freedom Strike’s ship-printing schematics have been upgraded with designs of two new ships – Freedom Void, able to disrupt the mind-dominating devices of the Wrog, and Nuke Avenger, carrying a massive nuclear weapon capable of shutting down Wrog portals. Use these new ships to strike a blow to the offensive power of the Wrog! But beware of new secret upgrades on the enemy’s side!

In order to play this content, the base game Infinium Strike is required.

  • New mini-campaign with several missions to complete
  • Two new TSF Ships: Freedom Void and Nuke Avenger
  • Customization Pack containing themes and decals
  • A new enemy ship: Bertha Thief

About the game

The year is 2170. One after another, the human colonies have fallen to the seemingly limitless invasion force of the enigmatic organic ships known as the Wrog. Entire armadas of Earth’s fighters have been decimated. Our last hope lies with the Freedom Strike, a massive super-tech battlecarrier fitted with interchangeable turrets and a fleet of specialized drones, built with one purpose – annihilate the Wrog and save our species!

Infinium Strike is an original tactical tower defense game that sees you as the weapons officer aboard the TSF Freedom Strike. Scavenge Infinium – the living metal of the cosmos – from the wreckage of your enemies to create powerful turrets and deadly drones, and turn the tide of the Wrog war. Will the Battlecarrier Freedom Strike survive the relentless waves of Wrog fighters?

  • Full story campaign with four levels of difficulty
  • Endless arcade mode with high score leaderboard
  • Wide variety of tactics using turrets, drones and SuperTech abilities
  • Immersive realistic 3D graphics
  • Career advancement – from Ensign to Admiral

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