Initiate the invasion by pre-ordering X-Morph: Defense on Nintendo Switch today!

Attention: A foreign life-form has just attempted to make contact. No, they definitely do not have good intentions. They are about to place their deadly machines on Earth, steal all of mankind’s resources and conquer the planet. And there is more – you are their leader! Remember that people will try to thwart your plans. Defend your alien base, build defense towers and modify them to your liking. Take full advantage of detailed environmental destruction to block and trap enemy forces. Make X-Morph the new predominant species on Earth. 

Visit Nintendo eShop ( and pre-order the game today with 20% discount.

An order can be placed for either a basic version of the game at a full price of $19.99 or the X-Morph: Defense Complete Edition available for $29.99, which in addition to the game itself also includes all 3 previously released DLCs. Both editions of the game have been included in the pre-premiere promotion.

•   Dynamic building-destruction system. Every building in the game can be destroyed piece by piece, while realistic physics simulation makes every destruction scenario unique;
•    28 different enemy types, both ground and airborne;
•   The Main Campaign offers close to twenty hours of adrenaline powered gameplay, supported by three extensive DLCs;
•    Epic duels with challenging bosses;
•    10-level Survival Mode campaign;
•    Numerous types of weapons, towers, and upgrades that affect the strategic depth of the game;
•    Completely destructible environment and unique tower defense mechanics that create endless gameplay possibilities;
•    All-star voice cast – including Michael McConnohie, Natalie Roers, Ryan Laughton, and Tori Kamal;
•    13 language versions available.

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