“Jazon and the Dead” Now Crowdfunding on Fig

Fig launched a new crowdfunding campaign and trailer for indie title Jazon and the Dead, an action-adventure shooter with comic book/horror visuals and a B-movie style.

Indie developer 2nd Studio is seeking $65,000 in funds to launch the game on PC and Mac in 2017. In development for over three years, Jazon and the Dead is the first original title from the Danish studio, who’ve previously done gaming visual development and art production for clients including Disney, Pixeleap and Kiloo. Combining top-down 3D shooting with puzzle solving and an immersive player-driven story, Jazon and the Dead takes place in a variety of macabre settings with brooding, cell-shaded visuals.

Just in time for Halloween, check out Jazon and the Dead and the debut trailer on Fig.

Titular hero Jazon is an unlikely protagonist with a taste for whiskey and a penchant for killing zombies. Suffering from amnesia, he sets out on a journey through a seemingly-uninhabited wasteland and soon stumbles across Zoey, a survivor and companion of questionable trustworthiness. The duo will traverse abandoned towns, haunted deserts and meandering rivers on their search for answers. Jazon and the Dead is a labor of love helmed by creative director Nikki Starostka, technical director Dennis Jensen and programmer Kasper Mikkelsen of 2nd Studio, with a script by Michael Valeur (writer of Total Overdose and Blackout).

Jazon and the Dead features a player-driven story where tough choices must be made along the way. Players must use problem solving to outsmart the shambling enemies, or if things get too Intense, utilize a mix of gunplay and martial arts to keep the undead at bay. With a moody sci-fi setting and soundtrack inspired by 80’s films along with spooky comic book-style visuals, the unsettling game is punctuated with cheeky gallows humor.

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