Kung-Fu UFO: A new SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis game Now on Indiegogo

Now live on Indiegogo, this is a new and original game for the SEGA consoles to be released on cartridge next year.

It’s the 90s… You are a humble boy from a small country who never knew his father. One night a beautiful alien being reaches out to you through your old ZX Spectrum computer to give you a mysterious message. Moments after, a strange looking chinese bandit who crashes through a window kidnaps your mother and leaves behind nothing but a map pinned to your front door with a knife.

Kung-Fu UFO is a story driven adventure heavily inspired by sci-fi and martial arts movies and videogames from the 80s and 90s.  While not trying to emulate any existing titles they’re taking some inspiration from games like Streets of Rage, Battletoads, Prince of Persia, and Mortal Kombat. Even some more retro and obscure games like The Way of the Exploding Fist and The Way of the Tiger on the C64 and ZX Spectrum.

With a huge resurgence of retro gaming in recent years but with most of the new titles coming to modern PCs and consoles, fans are always looking for more authentic experiences. Kung-Fu UFO intends to follow the steps of previous crowdfunding success cases like Tanglewood and Xeno Crisis. The team intends to give new life to an old but very loved console. Fans all over the world are always more than happy to turn on their SEGA machines to play some quality and original homebrew games.

The gameplay presents a mix between platformer and beat’ em up genres that feels both fresh and very nostalgic at the same time. It includes exploration and some puzzle elements to solve on top of the jumping, climbing, and running.

Bonus levels will include vehicles and different gameplay mechanics to keep the experience fresh and varied like the ones on Battletoads & Double Dragon or Contra.

In order to deal with all of the enemies and bosses of the game, Retro Nerve is hand-crafting a fighting engine in the vein of games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat with kicks, punches blocks, combos and special attacks that is very intuitive and can be simple or complex depending on what the game needs and how the gamer decides to play it.

Some Key Features

  • A 16-bit cartridge– Playable on SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis consoles and compatible clones (PAL, NTSC-US, NTSC-J)
  • 16-bit pixel art– Beautiful hand crafted and animated graphics and cutscenes.
  • 16-bit chiptune– A  rocking soundtrack with a variety of songs and tons of sound effects.
  • Story driven gameplay– That mixes different genres like platformer, beat’ em up, fighting and more.
  • A main character with lots of different moves– Kicks, punches, Combos and special attacks with  more to be unlocked as you make your way through the game.
  • Vehicles to drive and boss fights to win– Because running around all the time is not that fun, you’ll also be able to drive a motorbike, a plane and others… Stopping here and there to finish off some huge baddies in order to go on with the story.
  • Different stages– Not only graphically, but also in gameplay mechanics with bonus stages and huge levels for you to explore and clean out enemies.
  • Wide variety of enemies– Keeping the gameplay and the game’s progression diverse in every chapter from beggining to end.
  • Difficulty levels– So anyone can enjoy and finish the game and everyone can set the bar to the preferred challenge.
  • Password system– Bringing back the almost forgotten yet thrilling experience of getting a pen and a piece of paper and writing down a code in order to be able to continue the game where you left off.

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