LawBreakers Role Week 3 – The Titan

In the lead-up to unveiling the role and characters in LawBreakers, Boss Key is releasing an ongoing series role features to highlight the Enforcer, Assassin, Titan and Vanguard.

This week, Boss Key Productions is featuring the Titan. Whether facing Bomchelle on the Law side or Cronos on the Breakers side, players will find the Titans to be beastly, electrifying and dangerous as hell. With high health, massive physical power and an arsenal of deadly weapons, destruction is the only outcome to a close encounter with the Titan. When engaging the enemy, a Titan can use their Pulverize ability to leap into the fray and cause devastation to multiple targets. With the enemy team reeling, the Crisper lightning cannon or Hammerhead rockets add to the chaos before the Berserk ability is set off, driving the Titan into a supplement-fueled rage that spells the end to anyone left standing.

Each week, Boss Key will share two videos – a short introduction to the role followed by a longer, more in-depth video with tips and tricks, developer insight and more the next day. Download the second introduction video – for the Titan – along with other assets here.

As Boss Key is preparing for the game Early Access phase coming later this year, they’re still inviting players to test out the game and give them feedback in Alpha. Players can continue to register at for a chance to be included in future Alpha tests.

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