LawBreakers Role Week 4 – The Vanguard

In the lead-up to unveiling the role and characters in LawBreakersBoss Key has been releasing an ongoing series role features to highlight the Enforcer, Assassin, Titan and Vanguard.

This week, Boss Key Productions is featuring the Vanguard. With the choice of Maverick on the Law side or Toska-9 on the Breakers side, the Vanguard is a highly mobile fighter that flies above the battle and rains down destruction on its enemies. Using their personalized flight suits, a Vanguard can rocket across the map to quickly bring the firepower of the Hydra Tri-Core Cannon and the gravity-altering effects of their Starfall ability to a fight. While the Vanguard’s primary weapon is designed for ranged combat, their Pulsar attack uses fuel to deliver a superheated blast of energy that damages targets and knocks the Vanguard backwards. An excellent combo when the enemy forces get too close.

Each week, Boss Key has been sharing two videos – a short introduction to the role followed by a longer, more in-depth video with tips and tricks, developer insight and more the next day.

Boss Key is preparing for the game to come out in the Early Access phase later this year. They will also be appearing at Gamescom (Hall 9.1, A50).

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