Light & Dark’ Bundle Launches With Valley and Slender: The Arrival

Blue Isle Studios today announced the launch of a special game bundle featuring its two most popular hits for console and PC – Slender: The Arrival and Valley. This “Light and Dark” Bundle brings you one of the scariest titles and some eye bleach to help you sleep at night! Fight for survival and embark on a terrifying journey in Slender: The Arrival, then run, jump and hookshot through the beautiful rocky mountains of Valley.

This specially priced dual pack is available worldwide starting Halloween week on Xbox One and Steam, as well as PlayStation 4 in North America, for a special discount price of $20.98 USD. PlayStation 4 players in Europe can pick up the two-games pack for $23.

The critically-acclaimed VALLEY offers a first-person adventure like none other. Hidden deep within a remote region of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find yourself bewildered within a secluded valley. With the power of a recently discovered L.E.A.F. exosuit, run and jump your way through beautiful forests, dangerous ruins and vast environments; all while utilizing the power to control life and death to uncover the startling secrets of the mysterious valley.

Experience the horror of being stalked by the menacing presence of Slender Man! Set to a powerful and dramatic soundtrack, Slender: The Arrival features an engaging storyline that will have players unplugging their consoles and PCs and then turning on all the lights! Lauren is in search of her friend Kate, who has recently become increasingly obsessed with the folklore of Slender Man. Was Kate’s disappearance the work of Slender Man? Use Kate’s forgotten flashlight to explore abandoned houses, creepy mines and dark forests to unravel the mystery.



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