Little Green Men studio gets back to Starpoint Gemini universe with Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a unique blend of space sim, RPG and 4X games. One that will allow you to conduct research and construction in your own gigantic space station, command your war fleets and heroic companions to invade enemy territory, build up your stronghold, trade, mine, salvage and remind your enemies why they should be afraid of you.

Created from the feedback and suggestions of the highly active player community, Starpoint Gemini Warlords is everything that players asked for in Starpoint Gemini 2, but that was simply too extensive to be added at the point. Here’s what Mario Mihokovic – the Head of Little Green Men Studio, has to say about Starpoint Gemini Warlords origins:

Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a spin-off title in Starpoint Gemini Universe. Our main idea was to upgrade original game mechanics with an entire new layer of gameplay elements, that gamers might be familiar with from 4X and strategic games. How does it work exactly? Well imagine everything you could do in Starpoint Gemini 2 – exploring huge open world, galaxy trading, plundering, smuggling, fighting enemies, winning a battle. Now add to it the ability to do all that on a global scale with global consequences.

In Starpoint Gemini 2 you could enter a combat and win the day leaving mark on that area and taking the spoils of war for yourself. In Starpoint Gemini Warlords after you win the battle, you will be able to plant your flag in that area of space, build defensive and spy structures and annex it to faction territory you control. Moreover in the heart of your „state“ you can build and evolve your massive HQ station. Every module you build gives you the access to new gameplay elements – building multiple fleets, using trade fleets, managing diplomacy with other factions etc. In essence, Warlords is Starpoint Gemini 2 on heavy steroids. But since it is a NEW game, each part of the game content is new as well – NEW ship models, NEW storyline, NEW soundtrack, NEW Voice Overs. Everything players asked for in Starpoint Gemini 2, and we couldn’t add to original game, will find its way to Starpoint Gemini Warlords.


  • The full game world which is almost 10 times larger than the game world in Starpoint Gemini 2.
  • Storyline prologue and the Conquest mode.
  • Headquarters being about 50% complete.
  • 13 out of 19 planned freelance mission types and roughly half the modifiers.
  • 50% of planned ships (approx. 40).
  • 60% of random encounter types and roughly half the modifiers.
  • 1 of 4 character classes.
  • Most of the ships’ equipment and weapons.


  • Two new ships are now available: Caelifer and Dynastes. You can purchase them on Concordia!
  • New station model added – The DaVinci research station, that now looks quite differently.
  • Platforms now have the Mark target available on the context menu.
  • Fleets now have some tooltip info available on the Starchart
  • Turret view status icon added to the HUD
  • A “Game over – You died” panel was added.

The full list of changes is available HERE.

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