Looterkings received free “GoblinBall” update

Looterkings presents a new and free fun mode for all you loot-greedy goblins out there! As even the most devoted gold-seeker will need a timeout every once in a while, we developed GoblinBall – a ruthless team sport for action-loving team players!

On a big, soccer-like field, a huge ball of stone has to be pushed into the enemy goal with your mighty weapons. Waves of monsters will invade the playing field and drop loot when killed. You will need the gold to buy powerful abilities that can turn the game into your favour! Select one of four classes in offence or defence and stand your ground!

If you never heard of Looterkings, it’s a witty dungeon crawler in a fantasy-setting for up to four players. They will turn into the meanest goblin horde which has ever creeped out of the depths. While GoblinBall is a FREE update, Looterkings’ price is $17.99, €17.99 and £13.59 – get in on Steam.

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