Lots of new speakers for Indievelopment 2016

Lots of new exciting speakers have been announced for Indievelopment 2016! Coming to Indievelopment are Landon Podbielski, Lisa Brown,  Krzysztof Kusak, Herdjie Zhou and David Jimenez.

Landon Podbielski is the developer of Duck Game. He’ll give a talk about competitive games in his talk titled “Making competitive games fun for everyone”.

Lisa Brown has worked for 6 years in the AAA industry at Insonmiac games before going indie. Nowadays she’s released her own games and has worked with an Indie team to create Hyper Light Drifter. She’s going to talk about important lessons learnt from the AAA indsutry and how to apply them in your Indie Company.

Krzysztof Kusak is an experienced business development manager at Vivid Games. His speech is addressed to Indie developers considering self-publishing or going with a publishing partner. The talk includes tips and notices on how to prepare for negotiations with a publisher and how to cope with contract problems.

Herdjie Zou is producer and business developer at Lucky Kat Studios. His talk will be about the development process of Sky Chasers and how it got more than 1 million downloads.

David Jimenez is co-founder of 2Awesome studio. He does business development, PR and game design. In his talk “Dimension Drive Kickstarter Marathon” he’ll discuss running crowdfunding campaigns. He’ll go over what worked for them, what didn’t how to prepare for a campaign and some big mistakes that should have been avoided.

Lots of new interesting speakers to see at Indievelopment this year! Tickets for the event are available at: https://www.indievelopment.nl/#tickets

Student tickets cost €20,00, Business tickets are €45,00 and will include a lunch.

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