Marooners switcheroo chaos now on consoles!

Developers M2H announce the release of their chaotic party game Marooners on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The consoles are the perfect place to experience the unpredictable blend of game modes that Marooners offers – grab as much treasure as you can while coping with the ever changing game mode… and the competition from your ‘friends’!

The console release of Marooners features all the new content from the PC expansion, including AI bots for solo or multiplayer games and extra game modes for even more fun!

So what is this switcheroo chaos all about..?

Got it? Join the fun on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC via Steam. To celebrate the console release, several giveaways are being hosted via social media: for example console players are asked to share their best moment when they sabotaged another player…

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