Massive updates coming to Early Access Multiplayer Survival Social Deduction Game Killer in the Cabin

Independent developer Games People Play have today announced multiple updates for their multiplayer, hyper-social survival game Killer in the Cabin are on the way. With the game currently available on Steam via Early Access, the update will also slash the price down to $4.99 / $3.99 / €3.99!

The new updates include a hotly requested server browser system, allowing players to join public game lobbies or create their own so they can jump into games easier. For prospective killers looking for games to hone their skills for kills, AI bots will be introduced so games can be played alone or with smaller parties. Want to play but don’t want to speak using the in-game microphone? Text chat has also been added, making the game more accessible.

About Killer in the Cabin:

In Killer in the Cabin, play as a member of a group of survivors from a bus crash in the desolate Norwegian mountains, where in order to survive you must work and communicate together in order to gather supplies, discover shelter and share food as you wait for help to arrive. Stick together and you’ll make it out alive, but danger looms: there’s a hidden killer in the group, working to sabotage all survival efforts and eliminate the party, one by one. With 15 minute long game sessions and multiplayer play with up to 8 players, Killer in the Cabin puts players’ communication, deception and truth-telling skills to the ultimate test.

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