Master of Orion goes into Early Access 4

Master of Orion goes into Early Access 4, read the notes here.

With Early Access 3, we managed to make the game feature complete, which allows us we to finally focus on making it better. We will be focusing our efforts on things like a smarter and more challenging AI, a more streamlined UI and improved pacing and rhythm which will mean a greater, balanced game and an improved experience.


The main improvements that have been made:

  • AI improvements, in three different categories:
    • Strategic: the way the AI places its fleets and assesses the overall status of war
    • Management: how the AI handles its colonies
    • Diplomatic: logic behind AI diplomacy efforts improved
  • Espionage
  • Tactical Battles
  • Ship design
  • Removal of minor civilizations
    • In the next major update we will be removing Minor Civilizations from Master of Orion. This is based on your feedback, as well as our own play experiences with it since the feature was added.While this is an Early Access game, ensuring the core gameplay works well is critical to players being able to properly assess and give feedback on features. We believe that Minor Civilizations in its current implementation is working against that core gameplay.It’s important to stress that this feature is not being removed permanently at this time. Instead the priority of the feature has been lowered while we work to address other more important issues. We will spend additional time working out the bugs associated with it and also providing a little more polish before adding it back to the game. We’ll have more details on that at a later date.

The full patchnotes will be shared via Steam. We hope that you enjoy this version. We appreciate all the feedback given and will continue to work to make this a great Master of Orion game.

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