Meet the Powerful Monk: An All New Character from Sadame

In Rising Star Japan’s Sadame, the recently released action/RPG title for the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS family systems, gamers can choose from a wide cast of characters that stem from Japanese culture. The final character to be revealed from this game is the Monk, a wizard type character who uses deadly forces to wipe out large groups of enemies.

Fast and cunning, the Monk can call forth a near endless supply of spells that reinforce the staff attack techniques. Monks are well rounded characters that can shoot long range energy blasts from their staff. Combined with his ability to use auras to perform elemental attacks, the Monk is a character that will strike down foes with great vengeance and furious anger!

The Monk, as well as the previously revealed Samurai, Rogue, and Ninja character classes, features its own unique play style and will introduce items and upgrades exclusive to that class. The story of Sadame and the gamer’s encounters, along the main quest, will vary depending on the character class chosen as well.

Take a look at the Monk’s skills in the trailer for Sadame

Set in an alternate version of the historical Sengoku, or Warring States, Period in ancient Japan that saw a near constant amount of war and political upheaval, Sadame is a frenetic and imaginative hack-and-slash action/adventure title for the Nintendo 3DS that will have players fight wave after hellish wave of demonic enemies and huge, daunting bosses. Skillfully defeat the evil hordes in front of you with a variety of combos and moves to gain experience – level up your character, improve your weapons and armor, and strengthen yourself to take on the fearsome final foes once and for all!

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