MetaArcade and David Reid Announces Self-publishing Adventures Platform

MetaArcade Founder & CEO David Reid today announcedthe studio’s first project, the MetaArcade Adventures Platform, which will enableusers to play, createand self-publishadventure gamesfeaturing narrative-drivenmechanics. The company alsoannounced the platform’s firsttitle will bea digital remasteringof theiconic tabletop role-playing game Tunnels & Trolls, available later this year for iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

The MetaArcadeAdventures Platform will be the first in a series of self-publishing platformsdesigned by the company to mitigatebarriersoftenencountered by writers, artists, and game developersseeking to publish their works. MetaArcade’s initial release will focus on interactive fiction adventure games, withfuture releasesenablingusers to create games in other genres.

“We hope to unleash the creativityof gamerseverywhere,and manifest the worlds they’ve builtas full-fledged adventure games. The MetaArcade Adventures Platform will provide tools for any creator to interactively engage audiences with their works,” said Reid.“Tunnels & Trolls is the ideal title to introduce the platform: a legendary gamewith a vast world of adventures, andaflexible, scalablerulesengine capable of realizingthe most ambitious narratives the community can envision.”

The second role-playing game ever published, Tunnels & Trolls was originally designed by Ken St. Andre andpublished by industry stalwart Flying Buffalo in 1975.Among its many innovations, Tunnels & Trollspioneeredthe first role-playing solo adventures, allowing greater accessibility and narrative depth for players to enjoy as an alternative to group play.

“Tunnels & Trolls rose from literature and pure storytelling,” saiddesigner St. Andre. “I’d like to bring that sense of adventure and narrative to everyone in the world who loves fantasy, and I’m excited to see what the community creates as wedevelop a new adventure story-gaming style for the digital world.”

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