Moss: Book II launches on PlayStation VR

The wait is over, dear Reader. Today, Polyarc released Moss: Book II, the second game in the Moss franchise, and sequel to the highly acclaimed and platinum-selling game Moss. In Book II, players rejoin the young hero Quill for an adventure deep inside the hexed castle of the Arcane where dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies twisted in fire and steel await. To stand a chance, Quill will need a true partner by her side—and we hope that partner is you. Moss: Book II is now available digitally on the PlayStation Store.

Your journey with Quill is far from over and what players will experience in Moss: Book II will be trying—filled with triumph and heartbreak alike—which is why she needs you by her side more than ever,” said Josh Stiksma, design director, Polyarc. “Your adventure will be grander than before. Filled with more emotion. More interaction. More challenges. It won’t be easy, but saving the world never is.”

Moss: Book II builds upon the story set forth in Moss, one of the all-time top-rated VR games to date. Having rescued her uncle Argus, Quill’s adventure continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her within the castle where her uncle was held captive. But Quill has a plan of her own, one that could finally end the merciless rule of the Arcane and save the world from a great unmaking. The journey will be difficult, but new allies, old friends, and the very nature of the castle itself can offer you help along the way.

Award-winning composer Jason Graves, known for Dead Space and Tomb Raider, returns in this second installment of the Moss franchise. Graves’s compositions use small instruments in a big way to bring to life the Moss world and deepen your sense of immersion in the game. Joining Graves’s return is voice actor Morla Gorrondona, known for her work in Destiny, Call of Duty, and She-Ra. In Book II, Gorrondona demonstrates her range as she once again voices the narrator and the individual characters in the game.

In celebration of today’s launch, Polyarc revealed a new Moss: Book II trailer highlighting the danger, sense of scale, and epic environments that you and Quill will experience together as you attempt to save the world from the merciless rule of the Arcane.

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