Multiplayer FPS CROWZ out now

Publisher ThumbAge Co., Ltd. and developer Royal Crow have announced that free-to-play, team-based, multiplayer shooter CROWZ is now available via Steam Early Access. After meteorites devastate Earth and cause a global environmental disaster, mercenaries – called CROWZ – engage in all-out warfare on behalf of the most powerful nations to secure a new precious energy resource, Q-on, from the crash sites. Coordinate as a team and conquer extraction sites with a variety of weapons and vehicles, including heavy tanks, attack choppers, and high-speed combat boats. Leverage realistic physics in different environments to ambush the enemy and secure the upper hand.

In CROWZ, players can compete in two different modes:
• Squad Operation: Shoot enemies on sight as a four-person mercenary squad while collecting Q-on from extraction devices in this open-world Battle Royale-style game mode. Falling meteorites and asphyxiating gas can derail the objective at any moment. Once enough resources have been collected, call a helicopter to escape but be wary that all combatants will know its whereabouts.

• Blood Zone: Two 32-person CROWZ factions wage all-out war to secure Q-on extraction sites littered across the battlefield. Seize control with coordinated flanking assaults, request weapon loadout drops, commandeer heavy tanks, and more to earn the most resources in a match and the greatest payday imaginable.
Additionally, players will be able to purchase items such as tactical equipment, combat gear, and weapon skins via the in-game store.

CROWZ is now available as a free-to-play game on Steam, with an extensive roadmap planned for 2022.

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