New Furi All-­Boss Gameplay

The Game Bakers released today the first all-gameplay trailer for its stylized, high-energy combat-action game Furi, slated for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

Furi takes players on a quest for freedom as they defeat deadly, formidable adversaries in intense one-on-one fights. Furi’s ultra-responsive mix of fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting results in something quite different.

In this trailer, we are showing one of the fiercest guardians. She is a tactician, a hunter, a playful mercenary who doesn’t leave anything to chance.


“There is a feeling that I remember from when I was a kid playing video games: the huge, intense satisfaction when I finally beat a level or a boss I had been struggling with for a while,” explained Emeric Thoa, Creative Director, in his blog post. “The feeling of learning how to overcome a challenge, with my brain and my thumbs. The combination of understanding and execution felt like a reward in itself. I remember it from games like Super Punch Out, bosses from Metal Gear Solid, combat in God Hand.

“There are many games that gave me that feeling, but recently I felt that maybe games try too hard to be ‘user friendly.’ Adaptive difficulty, dynamic checkpoints, in-game tips… Everything is explained and balanced to make sure nobody drops out. With Furi, we want to give the player an extreme satisfaction when s/he beats a boss. That means s/he’ll have to sweat a little for it.”

Furi is inspired by the “Japanese way” of making games: It’s not realistic in its style or animations. It is fast-paced and requires great timing, reflexes, and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players have the ability to think and act nimbly. And each of the formidable “guardians” — designed by Afro Samurai creator Takashi Okazaki — has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second reflexes to defeat.

The high-energy collision of vibrant visuals and electrifying combat is boosted from an explosive soundtrack composed by electro musicians highlighted by Carpenter Brut, who created this boss music.

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