New Gruesome Launch Trailer – Headbang and Spill Blood in Gothic-Metal Game Slain!

Only one more day to wait until you can reign in the blood of giant bats, werewolves and other monstrosities in Slain! from indie game publisher Digerati Distribution & Marketing and indie game developer Wolf Brew Games. Launching tomorrow on PC (console later this year), Slain! features classic arcade style combat with bloody, intense platformer gameplay and gothic puzzle combat that puts a strategic twist on the classic hack-and-slash games of the ‘80s and ‘90s. You can access the ultra difficult game at

Slain! features:

  • An archaic world with a dark heavy metal soundtrack from former Celtic Frost member Curt Victor Bryant
  • Take control of Bathoryn to liberate seven great towers from seven deadly overlords
  • Using elemental weapons, Mana spells and cunning skill, players will battle and exploit the weaknesses of monstrosities such as werewolves to save the doomed land or face being slayed.

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