New Publisher Octopus Tree Reveals First Three Games

The veteran publishing house Encore Publishing Group announced today the newest branch of its software publishing brand, Octopus Tree. Offering a focused, custom approach to video game publishing, Octopus Tree is a small group of experienced industry professionals dedicated to nurturing developers’ games into the best versions of themselves imaginable.

Octopus Tree already boasts an exciting trio of PC games for 2016, headlined by Goliath, Buildanauts, and Robot Arena III. Goliath is an open-world ARPG, in which the player builds giant robots to battle dangerous monsters. Buildanauts is an open-world city construction simulator for players of all ages, where players build their own city. In Robot Arena III, the sequel to Robot Arena 2, players will design and build their own robots and enter them into an arena where they compete against other bots in a fight to the finish. Each of these three games symbolizes the unique strengths and unusual characteristics Octopus Tree seeks for its new publishing efforts.

Watch the Octopus Tree games trailer here.

“The Octopus Tree is the perfect symbol for how we approach games,” said Tracy Magnuson, Director of Marketing for Octopus Tree. “We want to help independent games to become mighty and strong, and also to be unique and unlike anything else. We are here to help independent developers craft their games into ones that stand apart from the rest like our namesake, the Octopus Tree.”

The Octopus Tree is a one-of-a-kind Sitka Spruce on the Oregon Coast that is believed to be up to 300 years old. Its limbs extend horizontally outward and then straight up, giving the appearance of an Octopus growing out of the ground. This strange yet powerful tree is the perfect symbol for the types of games Octopus Tree intends to release.

Encore Publishing Group’s new indie branch wants games that turn familiar ideas on their head or offer something that people have never seen before. Octopus Tree wants games that appeal to small passionate niches in the gaming world. Octopus Tree provides flexible services to developers, including Funding, Marketing and PR, QA, Localization, Sales Support and more.

Octopus Tree will be at the Game Developers Conference and Game Connection in San Francisco this week and would love to meet up with developers and media alike to discuss its upcoming titles.

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