New trailer marks physical launch of Owlboy for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Owlboy fans all over the world will be on cloud nine today: The physical version of the critically acclaimed pixel art platformer is now available in stores worldwide for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4. To celebrate this release, a launch trailer was revealed.

Crafted with love
The ten years of care and attention that went into developing Owlboy have resulted in a fresh and contemporary take on classic 16-bit pixel art, with an exceptional amount of detail and luscious pixel animations.

GamingBolt praises Owlboy an instant classic, stating: ‘’The visual palette in Owlboy is vivid and beautiful and crammed full of details. From the clouds to the trees to the cliffs, everything in Owlboy looks gorgeous.’’

Icing on the Owlboy cake is its sensational soundtrack, with most tracks featuring live instruments. Push Square wrote a feature on it, stating: ‘’Jonathan Geer’s music accompanies the high-soaring gameplay and brings an incredible beauty and a sense of wonder to an already uplifting title’’.

Limited Edition
For devoted Owlboy fans there is also an Owlboy: Limited Edition on the way, which will hit stores on the 13th of July. This boxed edition, limited to only 6000 copies worldwide per platform, contains the base game with a range of desirable collector’s items.

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