Nuewtonian co-op adventure ibb & obb out now on the Nintendo Switch

The gravity switching co-op game ibb & obb is out now on the Nintendo Switch! This remastered edition offers a natural Nintendo Switch experience, and features enhanced art perfected puzzles, and an innovative new touch screen drawing system to master each puzzle together.

Work together locally or online in this cooperative puzzle game, and solve gravity-based puzzles through 15 levels and 8 secret worlds. Find your friends easily with the new Nintendo Switch™ invite system, or with Local Wireless Play. The ibb & obb Nintendo Switch release is the result of a collaboration between Sparpweed and Codeglue.

Co-developers Sparpweed and Codeglue made sure to remaster ibb & obb specially for the Nintendo Switch. That meant not just integrating local and online play along with Local Wireless Play and the new Nintendo Switch Friend Invite system – which of course is quite handy for a co-op game – but also making sure players can communicate together to overcome puzzling hurdles along the way.

Sparpweed Director Richard Boeser said: “We’re very happy that today everyone can join us playing ibb & obb on the Nintendo Switch. We’ve always enjoyed watching people play the game and discuss puzzles, and now we’re really looking forward to seeing how the community uses our new touch drawing system to work together visually online.”

An innovative all new touch screen drawing system means players can draw suggestions for their partners, allowing even closer cooperation online. The integration of HD Rumble will immerse players even further into the game, and the developers also made sure to make several gameplay refinements. This includes everything from tweaking jump distances to replacing complete puzzles, including the final boss section. On top of all this, art enhancements make the game even brighter than before and emphasize the artistic style of the game world.

In a world where gravity goes both up and down, ibb & obb challenges you to work with a friend to solve 15 levels full of puzzles… and then to discover 8 more exciting secret worlds. Available now in America, Europe and Japan!

ibb & obb is a two-player cooperative game set in a puzzle filled world. You can only succeed by working closely together. Fall up and down through a series of double gravity puzzles that will test your non-Newtonian skills to the max! Avoid enemies and figure out how to make it to the next section. All levels have their own unique music composed by Kettel, known for his warm melodic electronica. First shown to the world in 2008, ibb & obb has since won multiple awards including the IndieCade Design Innovation Award and Develop Indie Showcase Jury Award. The game was released on PC and PlayStation 3, and now it’s available on the Nintendo Switch as well!

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