“One-hit-and-you’re-dead” PvP brawler BLAST BRAWL 2: BLOODY BOOGALOO now on Kickstarter

Created by solo developer Chris Molini of Mind’s Eye Games, Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo is a fighting platformer game fit for solo play and couch co-op, supporting more than 8 players across several multiplayer game modes:

— Versus: Friends put their friendship to the test in intense PvP combat.
— Wave: Make your way through waves of ghouls and robots solo or with the help of friends.
— Adventure: Randomly-generated battles for those itching for an extra challenge!

A few days into the crowdfunding campaign, Mind’s Eye has secured $1,885 from backers toward a goal of $30,000. If successful, the campaign will fund a full-featured single-player mode along with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. The crowdfunding campaign will end on Friday, May 6th 2016.

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo has been chosen as one of Kickstarter’s “Projects We Love” and is featured in the New & Noteworthy section.

A mysterious portal has sucked up Earth’s greatest warriors and transported them to another dimension filled with tough challenges and deadly enemies. To survive, warriors must now enter stupidly fast, extreme combat where all it takes is one hit to secure a kill — and one mistake to lose it all!

Blast Brawl 2 offers players a huge character roster and 10 classes to choose from — some of which can be unlocked in Adventure mode. Furthermore, each of Blast Brawl 2’s characters features a unique fighting style: a swift Ninja, a Sniper with incredibly high accuracy, a tanky Vanguard, and a trickster-like pirate. All characters have distinctive move sets, 10 possible outfit colors, and their very own victory dances

Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo’s totally rad soundtrack consists of contributions from more than 40 awesome synthwave artists — including Kalax, Flash Arnold, Dynatron, Protector 101, and more. Using the in-game radio, players can shuffle through artists and songs to find the perfect musical accompaniment to the slaughter.

Christopher Molini (owner of Mind’s Eye Games and sole developer of Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo):

“Everything seemed hopeless when the original Blast Brawl died in a fire years ago, forcing me to start from scratch. After two years of development, Blast Brawl 2 is bigger, better, and bloodier than Blast Brawl ever was. I hope the Kickstarter community is ready for an intense, fast-paced brawler where every hit means death and true skill rules above all. The retro in-game radio is pretty sweet, too!”

— Fast-paced combat featuring one-hit kills and no health bars whatsoever.
— Battle with (or against) your friends.
— Defiantly colorful graphics matched by a thumping synthwave soundtrack.
— Massive character roster, each sporting unique fighting styles and tactics.
— Randomly-generated adventure mode filled with unexpected challenges.
— Higher difficulty modes for those seeking additional chaos!

If the funding goal is met by Friday, May 6th, Blast Brawl 2: Bloody Boogaloo will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux — and eventually Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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