Party Hard Will Have You… Disposing of Party-Goers on Consoles Tomorrow

It’s time to play the best Party Stopping Simulator around. After very party-worthy success on Steam/PC, Party Hard is just about to hit consoles… tomorrow! So you might as well spend all night partying and playing! But don’t be too loud, or someone might come over to… dispose of you!

tinyBuild’s Alex Nichiporchik tells you a bit more about the game:

What is Party Hard?

Putting it simply, it’s a stealth strategy game where you have to kill everyone at a series of parties. It starts off with our protagonist being sick of next-door neighbors having loud parties at 3am, and goes through a series of party massacres around the US.

I really love movies like Zodiac, and we decided to tell the story from a detective’s perspective.

You follow the crimes through his eyes, and figure out what is actually going on. Take the story with a grain of salt, because we do have dancing killer bears in sunglasses. And giant alien butts that shoot rainbows.

Core Mechanics!

I’ll talk a little bit about the core mechanics in Party Hard. Obviously you can use your knife to backstab everyone, but there’s much more to it.

●    Traps
Each level has different traps that can be activated. From simple things like exploding fire extinguishers to burning down the house
●    Picking up bodies & stashing them
An unexpectedly popular mechanic is picking up dead bodies and hiding them. Some players love to keep it clean!
●    Visibility zones
NPCs see through windows and are aware of their surroundings. It’s important to keep your stabbing duties out of people’s sight.
●    Suspicion meter
Odds are if I catch you surrounded by 3 bodies, my suspicion of you will grow. Don’t get caught next to bodies. Also if you’ve been around too many odd events, people will get in on you and try to call the cops. You have no sprint button, that’s on purpose – so you have to think strategically.
●    Shortcuts
Shortcuts are a way to escape from the cops (they get tired, don’t ask) but can’t be abused much. It’s a way to get around the map quicker, and you can’t use them more than a few times.
●    Special Agents, Feds, SWAT Teams
Aside from cops, you will see different teams arrive on the scene. They can be as simple as a SWAT team killing everyone in sight, or a team of special agents that go out of their way to find you on the map.
●    Ambulance
Someone has to pick those bodies up! That’s the job of the ambulance.
●    Crowd behavior
You really shouldn’t attack a large crowd in the open. They understand their power of numbers, and will kick your ass, call the cops, and get you arrested.
●    Conga lines, yup, really
One of the earliest ideas we had was a way to form a conga line at a party, and stab everyone in it. We even did a Party Hard-music-fueled Conga Line at PAX South 2016, going around Devolver’s booth.
●    Random overall events
There are a ton of overarching events that can happen and change the whole level. What if someone turns into a zombie? What if aliens come? Sharknado? It gets progressively more ridiculous as it goes. We wanted the game to feel fun, despite its dark premise and story.
●    Different playable characters
There are multiple playable characters that I won’t go into details to avoid spoilers. My favorite non-spoiler character is the Ninja who is invisible when standing still. But if seen moving about, NPCs instantly call the cops. He has a powerful sword, and a smoke bomb. This changes the playstyle and facilitate a much stealthier, planned out approach.

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