Patron – one of the most anticipated city builders launches limited Playtest access on July 17th

Patron, a city/society builder game, one of the highlights of the recent Steam’s Next Fest, with wishlists exploding and overwhelmingly positive reactions to the first public demo from youtubers, streamers and players, is getting ready for another major milestone – weekend play session of a near complete game version for selected players during Steam beta event on weekend July 17th – July 18th!

The title from Overseer Games received a warm welcome from players and press, making it one of the most anticipated titles in the genre. The demo of the current build of the game was made available during the Next Fest and was one of the most downloaded demos during the Fest and one of the most wish-listed games (50,000+). Due to the overwhelming interest and positive feedback from the public, the demo will remain available for anyone to try out.

This upcoming “Playtest” event is designed to immerse selected players into the full experience and gather feedback for the final sprint towards the final 1.0 version.
To opt into the beta, visit the Steam store page and sign up for the “Playtest”. A nifty little widget will make it possible.

About Patron
What’s new and special in Patron?
Patron builds upon the foundations laid out by the staples of the survival city builder genre and enhances the experience with a large research tree and by introducing intricate social dynamics into the game and the genre in general. Happiness, the standard simple feature of all such games, in the case of Patron is a complete gameplay system in its own right.

• A survival city builder with a unique social dynamics system
• Gather and produce resources
• Establish sustainable production chains
• Build your fledgling village into a prosperous city as you construct and upgrade buildings
• Manage your people and steer your citizens towards needed professions
• Balance social issues: Class strife, Immigration, Religion, Health, Safety, Loyalty…
• Plan growth through an extensive Research Tree and unlock technology, policies and upgrades
• Plan production and overseas trade to support your economy through difficult times

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