Play it Again and Again – Time Master is Out Now on Steam

MorpheusZ Games is thrilled to announce that the puzzle-filled platformer Time Master is now available on Steam. Time Master combines beautifully crafted graphics with tightly timed repeatable puzzles, featuring a charming, fully voice-acted story filled with surprises and laughs.

Time Master follows the story of Zeno, a wizard who has regrettably banished his sister to a prison vortex (whether it was an accident or sibling rivalry remains to be seen). After swearing never to use time magic again, Zeno is faced with the dilemma of using it to free his sister and risk another prisoner of the vortex escaping. As they unfold Zeno’s journey, players are treated to a series of fully voice-acted cinematic cutscenes.

Players will guide Zeno as he works with his past self to complete a wide variety of timed puzzles to recover time fragments. Rewind and freeze time at strategic moments to overcome the obstacles of each puzzle and obtain the needed fragments. Those looking to challenge themselves can replay levels to try and complete them in a faster time and earn additional time fragments.

Time Master is ready to take players on a whimsical adventure where strategy and quick wit are of the essence. Players can take advantage of a limited-time discount and snag this charming, challenging, and comedic title for $8.99 (40% off). To talk strategy with fellow Time Masters or get hints on the game’s wide variety of puzzles, join the official Discord. For more information on Time Master, follow the game on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A list of features include:

  • Experience a fully voice-acted cinematic story that delivers surprises and laughs.
  • Take on the challenge of the Ancients and master a wide variety of puzzle mechanics.
  • Use Zeno’s ability to rewind time and collaborate with his past self to overcome obstacles.
  • Recover time fragments by either unlocking trials and completing them in the order you choose or by perfecting previously completed trials.
  • Oh, and help Zeno get his sister back that he “accidentally” banished.

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