Review – World of Warplanes 2.0

Most gamers know Wargaming, and if they don’t know Wargaming, than they do know someone who has been playing their games (after all, over 180 million gamers are playing there Free-2-play games!). Wargaming just released a new version of World of Warplanes called World of Warplanes 2.0. This version has been released to forget the first version of the game. Not that it was a bad game. In the beginning, most people were really impressed with the game, but since the release (and 40+ updates) the fans turn their back at the game. It wasn’t about the updates, but it felt the Wargaming was completely focused on World of Tanks (which makes sense) and World of Warships.

Like I said before, World of Warplanes did impress a lot of people in the beginning, but they moved on to other flight sims/flight fighter such like War Thunder. This could be the reason that the World of Warplanes 1.0 did get the attention that it needed.

And now World of Warplanes is back! Of course, the main core of the game is still the same, it’s still about planes. But the gameplay, looks, feel and handling got a complete overhaul. The old version didn’t just get an upgrade, it got a complete make-over.

When we start up the game we see that Wargaming took a different approach. We now notice that it’s not just about shooting down other planes, ok, it’s still a vital part of the game, but there is so much more in World of Warplanes 2.0. For example, they now have different game mode: Conquest Mode, Capturing Territories and Local Defense Forces are now added to the game.

Conquest Mode
Like the mode already tells you, it’s indeed about controlling a place by military force, planes in this case. The places you can control are Garrison, Airfields, Forward Airstrip, Airbase, Plant, Military Base and/or  Command Center.

Each conquest has different influences on the game. When you capture an airfield it gives you the possibility to respawn (Yes, indeed, you can now respawn) at the airfield itself.

You can also spawn at the Forward Airstrip, but next to respawning you can also change your fighter class. If you decide that a Fighter is not the right plane for this match you can switch to a bomber for example. Also, if you control a Forward Airstrip, your respawn time will be decreased by 10 seconds. So, this might be a key object int he game, because it will inflict extra damage to the enemies and it will help you respawn sooner and in different classes.

In case you captured a Military Base, you now will get back up from a squadron of 5 fighters, which will be launched from the base every 110 seconds. On top of that, the Military Base will also launch a missile who will attack the enemy base which is close by. So, this might be a key object int he game, because it will inflict extra damage to the enemies and it will help you respawn sooner and in different classes.

Capturing Territories
Capturing Territories might not be something completely new for gamers, but for World of Warplanes 2.0, it’s something that we never saw before. It’s indeed about capturing several territories, which will give you several points every 5secondss. And the winner is the team which has the most points at the end of the battle, pretty simple, but harder to complete.

You can cap neutral objects by being the first team to get 140 points. I case the cap has been taking by one of the two teams, then you will need 160 points to take over the control of the cap. You can score these points be taking down buildings and shooting down planes. But it’s not just about making 160 points, it’s about outscoring your enemy by 160 points, after all, they also get points for shooting down planes, just not for destroying (their own) buildings. You need to put on a good fight to take-over a cap.

The goal of this game mode is capturing all the territories, after that the game will be over and you will win.

Local Defense Forces
Next, to these two modes, Wargaming also introduced Local Defense Forces. This mode is about capping several objects as soon as possible. You will do this the same way you did in the previous modes. After you capped an object, now it’s up to you to draw the enemy into the area which you control. You need to do this so that the AA (Anti Aircraft) can take down the enemy planes. This will grant you points and you keep control of the area.

In case you want to take over an area, then you need to shoot down the planes and destroy the AA in the area, the AA can be taken down by fighters who love to fly low and shoot at them, or you use a bomber and drop bombs from high altitude. After all, if you don’t take out the AA, they will take you down, no matter how good you are.

Next, to the modes, there are also changes in the gameplay. One of the biggest change is the fact that you can new respawn, as long as you choose a plane within the same tier. If you control the right areas than you can change your class. Talking about classes, we all know the ‘old’ classes in World of Warplanes 1.0; Fighter, Multirole Fighter, Heavy Fighter en Attack Fighter. But Wargaming added a new tech tree: Bombers. Indeed, you can cruise at high altitude and take down buildings, making sure you do not get involved with some fighters who are in a dodgefight. This tech tree had been implemented into the game to give the game an extra dimension, and attract new players.

But it’s not just all about the new gameplay, next to this, Wargaming also introduced new in-game missions. This also makes it more attracting for players. These in-game missions will give you rewards and also keeps it challenging for players who have already unlocked a lot of planes. Completing the challenges is not just about showing off your skills, but it will also give you rewards like credits or upgrades. Your effort of playing the game will be rewarded this way.

So, if you are a beginner, or a die-hard World of Warplanes player, World of Warplanes is back: Time to get airborne again!

World of Warplanes 2.0

Different modes Bombers Great graphics & sounds


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