Review – World of Warships: USS Enterprise

The USS Enterprise aircraft carrier, CV-6, was the sixth official aircraft carrier that the United States Navy had acquired, and she was specifically built from the keel up as an aircraft carrier.

USS Enterprise was launched in 1936 and commissioned in 1938, and she also survived the war. The last in the Yorktown class was USS Hornet, CV-8, which was launched in 1940 and commissioned in 1941 before the war started. She was lost in World War II as the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in 1942.

So, after Pearl Harbor, in December 1941, when the war started, the US Navy had eight aircraft carriers. Within a year of the start of the war, five of them had been sunk.

USS Enterprise was one of the three that was not, and she fought on valiantly throughout the war. But still, it’s a highly anticipated ship in World of Warships. That’s why most players still wonder why this great premium aircraft carrier took about two years after the launch of the game to become part of the daily battle that was fought in World of Warships.

This US Navy aircraft carrier is different from the other US CV. The thing that I like most about the USS Enterprise is the fact that it now has HE (High Explosive) and AP (Armor Piercing) bombs. So, forget everything you know about CV in World of Warships, this is a game changer. Instead of setting a ship on fire (which can do a lot of damage, or almost nothing at all. Go Repair!) but with the AP bomb drops you can now do some serious damage (8.000 damage is completely normal) with a single drop. Even a citadel from a single drop is now something you can do. Prepare to sink some battleships!

Next, to the new AP bombs, this CV also has great anti-aircraft defense and anti-torpedo defense. So, even if you are in the open for a few minutes and others spot you, you will still have a better chance of surviving than with a regular US Navy CV.  This time you can buy yourself some extra time with your great defense, and the time it takes you to do some damage with you 6 x 5 squadrons is also less than normal. This is because of the reload time of these squadrons, it’s faster than your average American carrier.

So, it’s doing well on the attack and defense side of the story. Also, the 6 squadrons that you have are now evenly balanced, it’s is 2-2-2 set-up. Which means you have a rare set-up for US CV with also a 6th upgrade slot, something that is only making the Big E, even more, bigger 😀 In other words, it might take you some time to get the hang of this ship. After all, 96 aircraft’s is not something you will control just that easily.

But is that all? Is it a huge US CV with only benefits? No, far from that.

First, let me start with the planes. The squadrons on this ship consist of only 5 planes squadrons like I already mentioned before. And the planes within the squadron are tier VII planes, while the USS Enterprise is a tier VIII ship, so you have a mismatch on that part. This also means that the huge hanger of 96 might be out of planes sooner than you want it to be. The planes do make an easy target.  So, you need to know what to at all times. It’s not just a run and gun game this time. It’s about making sure you pick the right target at the right time because of your tier VII aircraft.

And this is not the only thing that is odd on the USS Enterprise, also the drop pattern of the torpedoes makes it harder to do some huge damage to a ship. You need to get close to a ship if you use one squadron since it uses a W pattern to drop. That’s why I do recommend to always use both torpedo squadrons to ensure a cross attack using a manual drop. That way they have nowhere to run during an attack. Otherwise, you might drop 10 torpedoes with only 1 hit.

Also, the new AP bombs have a downside to them. Even thought they might do a lot of damage against battleships, cruisers and destroyers will not take that much damage percentage-wise. Which basically means that the AP can only be used against battleships, which most of the times also have higher AA. With the outcome that your aircraft will be lost more often during an attack.

And the last part had everything to do with the ship itself. Since it’s a huge ship you will get spotted pretty easy, but because of the size of the USS Enterprise (it’s a huge ship), your aerial detection range is higher than normal. You have to try harder to be undetected during the match. That way you not just have to take control of your squadrons, but also watch the map closely for destroyers who are trying to sneak up on you.

All in all, this is a aircraft carrier that can be a game-changer when it’s in the hands of the right user. The AP bombs can do a lot of damage if you use it against the right ships. Same goes for the torpedoes, as long as you use manual drop and use cross attacks. But the hardest thing is to keep your aircraft in the air since they are only tier VII aircraft, which tend to get shot easier in higher tier battles.

So, if you have the opportunity and you like playing with aircraft carriers, just give it a try and who knows the USS Enterprise might be your new favorite CV.

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