Rising Islands releasing today!

Today, Lone Hero Studios and SOEDESCO Publishing launch their game Rising Islands! Run from island to island and use the two dimensions to jump, dash and grind your way through each level to save the world as our heroine Hairo!

The people that played the early access version of Rising Islands provided us with very useful feedback. So to launch the title as good as it can be, the developers have worked hard to resolve all the encountered issues and did some polishing. SOEDESCO Publishing and Lone Hero Studios would like to invite everyone to try out Rising Islands today!

Full patch-notes are to be found on the Rising Islands Steam-page.

About the game

Rising Islands is an adventure game where you’ll have to combine fast-paced action with quick thinking. Jump, shift, grind, dash and wallrun through a fantastic world that is fraying at the edges. New challenges await around every corner.

Collectors’ Edition
Also take a look at the soundtrack and artbook which are both available as additional content on Steam! If you want the full package, it’s available as the collectors’ edition for the best value!

Now available on Steam!


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