RTS ‘Iron Harvest’ to become first video game in months to reach $1, 000,000 on Kickstarter

The classic realtime-strategy game ‘Iron Harvest’ has reached $1,000,000 in pledges on Kickstarter combined with pledges collected via the game’s website and is about to reach the same milestone on Kickstarter alone.

While boardgames have seen a 100% increase in pledges during 2016, collecting six times as much as video games in the same year, video games have struggled to obtain large-scale funding on the platform, as a recent analysis shows (see Kickstarter in 2017 – In depth look at the Games category).

‘Iron Harvest’ now becomes the first video game in a long while to finally shatter that magic $1,000,000 ceiling again.

“Iron Harvest is our fourth Kickstarted title. We successfully completed the previous three projects, earing the trust of the community”, said Jan Theysen, Iron Harvest’s Game Director. “However, receiving more pledges for Iron Harvest than with our previous three games combined and having the most successful video game Kickstarter campaign in a long time was beyond our wildest expectations.”

Iron Harvest is a classic real-time strategy game, set in the alternate reality of 1920+. With all singleplayer stretch goals being reached, the campaign strives to reach additional competitive multiplayer and co-op mode stretch goals. The Kickstarter campaign still going strong, ending on April 13th 2018.

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